Monday, February 16, 2009

TouchCopy 3.25 for iPods and iPhones

Copy from your iPod or iPhone to iTunes
Easily transfer your Music, Videos, Photos and Games from your iPod or iPhone to your PC or Mac.

All is well in the products Apple, but there is a wrong - gadgets such as iPod or iPhone can work only with the iTunes and limit our devices that could be used more functionally. TouchCopy - allowing the program to turn your favorite iPod or iPhone in the standard “flash” without any interference in its firmware and not causing him harm. Install, run - nothing complex. First, you will see its media library, which, by the way, can be copied in iTunes, make a backup, listen, and even edit the tags. To move to use iPod or iPhone as a flash, you must click on the button Files right now actually create folders, move files from / to iPod or iPhone, you can also copy the entire folder with the company entirely with an attachment and subfolders, etc.

With TouchCopy you can…

• Copy iPod music, playlists, podcasts and video to your PC. Backup your iPod music and video in a couple of mouse clicks.
• iPod to iTunes transfer of music, playlists and videos. Also transfers your Album Art, Ratings, Play Count and other song data.
• iPod Backup of all your Music, Movies and Playlists at the touch of a button. Backup to your PC or iTunes.
• Copy Photos. View and save Photos on your iPod to your computer. View and copy photos taken on your iPhone.*
• Copy Games from your iPod back into your iTunes library.*
• Copy and manage Notes, Contacts and Calendars on your iPod - all from within TouchCopy.*
• Search for music on your iPod . The search results can be saved to your computer or transferred into iTunes as a playlist.
• Play music and video on your iPod through your PC without having iTunes installed. Use TouchCopy to change your music rating.
• Use your iPhone or iPod Touch as an external hard drive. Store any type of data, move your files between your home and office. Use your iPod as a backup device. (iPod Touch and iPhone Only )

• Install TouchCopy 3.07 version with the enclosed serial number and run the software.
• Next - do an update and download the latest version (3.25) direct from the site.
• Uninstall the 3.07 version - then install the latest version 3.25 - and it will then work without having to install the serial again.
• If you try and install the 3.25 with the serial in this post it WILL NOT WORK !


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